Arkansas Democrat Rep. Mike Ross to vote no on Obama health care proposal

Jon Ward Contributor
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Democratic Rep. Mike Ross, a Blue Dog from Arkansas, will vote against President Obama’s health-care reform, a spokesman told The Daily Caller Monday.

“He’s a no,” spokesman Brad Howard said by e-mail, in response to an ongoing survey of all 38 House Democrats who voted against health care legislation in the fall.

Asked why Ross had decided to go against the president’s bill, Howard provided this comment from the congressman:

“I voted against the House health care reform bill last year and opposed the Senate version, too. I remain opposed to both of them or any similar version presented to us again,” Ross said.

“I support health care reform in this country, but the current bills we have before us are too big, too costly, and the people who send me to Washington to be their voice are opposed to them and this process.”

Ross had previously not given an answer since The Daily Caller began surveying the 38 no votes over the last two weeks.

Ross, who voted against the House bill in November, was the lead negotiator for the 54-member Blue Dog caucus, and was pilloried by both the left and the right.

Ross penned an op-ed in Roll Call Monday in which he said none of the legislation so far discussed has done enough to rein in costs. But he gave no indication in the column which way he intended to vote.

Here now is an updated list of where the 38 no votes from November stand, based on their answers to The Daily Caller or to the Associated Press:

Brian Baird (Wash.) – UNDECIDED
John Boccieri (Ohio) UNDECIDED
Dan Boren (Okla.) – NO
Bobby Bright (Ala.) – NO
Rick Boucher (Va.) – UNDECIDED*
Artur Davis (Ala.) – NO
Lary Kissell (N.C.) – NO
Suzanne Kosmas (Fla.) – UNDECIDED*
Frank Kravotil (Md.) – UNDECIDED
Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) – NO
Betsy Markey (Colo.) – UNDECIDED
Jim Marshall (Ga.) – LIKELY NO
Jim Matheson (Utah) – UNDECIDED
Michael McMahon (N.Y.) – UNDECIDED*
Scott Murphy (N.Y.) – UNDECIDED*
Glenn Nye (Va.) – UNDECIDED
Mike Ross (Ark.) – NO**
John Tanner (Tenn.) – UNDECIDED
Gene Taylor (Miss.) – NO

*Provided their answer to the Associated Press.
**Responded Monday, March 8.