MSM hot to pin the tail on the jackass

Tommy De Seno Contributor
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At this writing, we know nothing of the political leanings of [intlink id=”714880″ type=”post”]Hutaree, the paramilitary group arrested by federal authorities for conspiracy to commit sedition[/intlink].

Hutaree’s Web site only discusses is a religious bond—Christians preparing for the coming of the Antichrist. Not one word of politics.

Any honest journalist would refrain from infusing a report about the group with words that would suggest a political leaning one way or the other—because no one honestly knows.

Of course the leftists in American mainstream media are the most dishonest journalists since the Soviet’s Pravda, so naturally they are hanging the sign “right wing” on Hutaree, in their never-ending attempt to associate violence with conservative thinking.

American political conservatism, or the “right wing,” is first and foremost (and many would argue exclusively) economic, tracing its commitment to freedom and laissez-faire fiscal policies to the 17th and 18th century enlightenment thinkers whose work led to the founding of America.

In what way then can anyone call Hutaree “right-wing?” Are they Burkean? Lockean? Do they sit ‘round the campfire discussing the finer points of Milton Friedman’s consumption function or the Laffer curve?

Or is Hutaree being Christian what guarantees them the moniker “right-wing?” By that thinking, the leftist media would be averring that no one on the political left is a Christian. Since many Christians voted for Obama, it would be just as dumb to call Hutaree “Obama supporters” as it is to call them “right wing” at this point. But mainstream media only plays dumb when it comes to mislabeling violence as “right wing,” which they do frequently.

Anderson Cooper of CNN spoke of the Hutaree arrests while flashing the words “Rage on the Right” on the TV screen. The sportscaster Olbermann had on Mark Potok of the dodgy Southern Poverty Law (liars) Center. While having no information about the beliefs of Hutaree, they managed to connect the dots from Hutaree to the Tea Party movement. Awesome display of yellow journalism, MSNBC!

To really scare the pants off you, Yahoo News, linked by Reuters, wondered if the group belongs to a “larger radical right.” Going further, The New York Times called Hutaree part of a “surge of right wing political activity.”

Political activity? Really? Their alleged goal was to kill cops. Which party associates themselves with the “rule of law” and law enforcement? Traditionally that’s been right-wing Republicans, while the left have traditionally been associated with the rights of the accused, for instance the ACLU.

Since Hutaree is accused of a planned attack on law enforcement and not the public defender’s office, wouldn’t the easier sell therefore be to call them “left-wing?” Easier sell or not it would still be wrong, but the media won’t tolerate being wrong when mislabeling violence as leftist. Yet they have a genetic pre-disposition to labeling anything violent as “right-wing.”

While the allegation of “right-wing” is allowed to spill out of the mouths of America’s mainstream media anytime the see camouflage and a full magazine, never do they refer to terrorists as “left wing extremists,” even when they are.

Andrew Joseph Stack flew his airplane into the IRS building in Texas and left behind a 6 page rant that was anti-capitalist and pro-communist, but the words “left wing extremist” never flashed in Anderson Cooper’s pea brain.

James Wenneker von Brunn committed the shooting at the Holocaust Museum, and was a stated Socialist who hated Christianity and planned attacks against right wing media groups. Yet no one invited Mark Potok on TV to pretend to connect dots from von Brunn to the Democratic National Committee. Instead the media just called him a right-wing extremist.

Good grief.

Tommy De Seno is a Fox News Forum Contributor and editor of the blog Justified Right.