Sunlight Foundation corrects ‘Stupak 11’ story

Mike Riggs Contributor
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I linked to a blog post by the frequently reliable Sunlight Foundation last week about earmark requests made by Rep. Bart Stupak and other pro-life health-care holdouts. Turns out, it contained a few errors:

The Sunlight Foundation’s Reporting Group issued a series of corrections and clarifications to a story it published late last week about earmarks requested by several members of Congress. The spreadsheet used to inform this blog entry contained four major errors in its data, causing Sunlight’s Reporting Group to overstate the amount of earmark requests by a few members by a factor of 10.

Further, the post implies that the requests are directly connected to the votes of 11 members of congress on health care reform. Given the amount of information currently available on these members’ earmark requests, it is simply not possible to correlate that data.

Full explanation here. My apologies for perpetuating the error.