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The best way to prove that a group of people you don’t like are crazy racists is to pretend to be one of those people and do crazy, racist stuff

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In that spirit, here comes www.crashtheteaparty.org! Their mission statement:

Making a public announcement that you’re going to infiltrate these rallies is a really good idea. Wait, no, what’s the opposite of good? Bad, it’s a bad idea. At least if you really want to pull it off. Because now, whenever the news points out some Tea Partier saying something they don’t like, all the other Tea Partiers can just claim it’s one of these “Crash the Tea Party” geniuses. “Hey, they said they were gonna do this stuff…”

The brainiac behind it is a guy named Jason Levin. Which I know because his own Twitter feed links to the evidence at Verum Serum (follow the links).

If you can’t make your enemies go away by ignoring them, call them racists. And if you can’t provide any evidence for your accusations of racism, just manufacture some. And you can always justify it to yourself, because if they’re not bad people, why don’t you like them?

P.S. It just keeps getting better: Jason Levin is a middle school teacher.

Jim Treacher