Tea Party trickster may be sent to the principal’s office

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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One Tea Party group doesn’t want to let a Party crasher away without a fight. And they’ve got a plan to deal with him and his friends at Thursday’s nationwide Tax Day rallies.

Tea Party Patriots sent an e-mail out to supporters Wednesday claiming that Tax Day crasher Jason Levin — who was outed as the creator of crashtheteaparty.org and is organizing a group of liberals to attend the rallies— is a middle school teacher in Beaverton, Ore.

Levin has said in interviews that he has 65 fellow tricksters across the country who plan to infiltrate the nationwide Thursday Tax Day protests of Tea Partiers with racist and homophobic signs.

But Levin may be looking at some time in the principal’s office himself.

The Tea Party group, who distributed the name and number of the person they say is the principal at Levin’s school, is encouraging their activists to “let Mr. Levin’s school district know what you think of his behavior, and his potential influence on public school students.”

Callers are asked to be civil. “If you choose to contact them, in direct contrast to Mr. Levin’s behavior, please be polite. Remember, just because he’s exposed himself publicly as a vile, indecent human being who will stoop to Nazi symbolism, and the promotion of racism and bigotry to silence those with whom he disagrees, doesn’t mean everyone in the school district is bad.”

The Daily Caller has not been able to reach Levin or the middle school principal who the Tea Party group claims to be Levin’s boss.

Tea Party Patriots is an umbrella of thousands of local Tea Party groups. The e-mail also doles out advice to organizers of tomorrow’s protests on how to deal with any infiltrators. Some tips, written by the Tea Party Patriots, include:

  • No aggressive confrontation.
  • Video, video, video. Make sure you have teams of people with Flip cams or other easy format video, and make sure every single encounter of this nature is captured on videotape.
  • Make signs that say “Infiltrator. This person is not with us.” Put a big arrow on it so that you can stand next to infiltrators and point at them. Usually this will embarrass them, ruin their prank, and they will leave.
  • Talk about the issue of behavior and signs at the beginning of your event. Set the guidelines from stage.
  • No signs or behavior evidencing bigotry or racism of any kind will be tolerated, and people will be asked to get rid of them or leave.

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