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Friday. Knee report. Again.

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It’s been quite an exciting week for my busted-up knee. First and foremost is the return of the blue tape:

That’s to flatten out the scar. Seems to be working.

Physical therapy is going really well. I bent it to 107 degrees on my own, and extended it to 0 degrees. It’s getting easier to do the stationary bike. Less pain, more flexibility.

Crutched home from the Metro stop in the rain last Monday and the handles got damp and I got a blister on my palm. Just another war wound. Yes, it really is from the crutches.

On Wednesday, somebody burnt some popcorn in the office and the fire alarm went off. We had to evacuate the building and the fire trucks came. We decided that if there’s ever a real fire, I am a dead man. By the time I got down the stairs, there would be no more stairs.

Going back to the orthopedic surgeon next week, and I hope he tells me I can start putting weight on my left leg. Probably just 20% at first, basically just touching my foot to the ground. Hey, it’s a start.

Blood thinner news: My INR is 2.5. It’s supposed to be between 2.0 and 3.0. Perfecto. Only took three months to get it there. Don’t need another blood test until May 11.

Until next week, knee freaks! If you can’t wait that long, my knee has its own Facebook page. Which is silly and anatomically impossible.

Jim Treacher