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Al Gore: Jor-El or Bore-El?

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Courtesy of our indefatigable friends at Hot Air:

Jeez, Al, why not just hand out razor blades and tell them to get it over with? Or maybe cups of Kool-Aid would be more appropriate.

When a cult leader announces that the world will end on a certain date, and then that date passes and his followers look around and notice the world’s still here, an odd thing happens. The stronger and more public their belief in that leader, the more their belief is reinforced. All the glaring evidence that contradicts them only strengthens their resolve. Because otherwise they’d have to admit that all the time and energy and passion they’d invested in him had been wasted. They’d have to admit they were wrong.

Something very similar is going on here. Climategate proved the sky isn’t falling. So Al and his faithful flunkies just got bigger umbrellas.

Jim Treacher