Woman sues over ‘hazardous’ restroom stall

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A woman is suing Newport Beach and two companies over a “hazardous” beach restroom stall, claiming an accident related to the way doors were installed caused the tip of one of her fingers to be ripped off.

Marlene Elaine Olson says she was in a restroom at Corona del Mar State Beach on Nov. 15, 2008, when she entered a stall and found that its lock was broken. The lawsuit, filed this month, says she was hurt when closing the door just as a person in an adjacent stall was opening a door.

“As Olson attempted to shut her stall door, a person in the perpendicular stall was exiting that stall and the two doors collided, causing Olson’s door to slam shut, injuring Olson’s left hand, breaking a finger and causing the tip to be partially ripped off,” the lawsuit says.

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