BP boycotts spreading as frustration over Gulf oil spill boils over

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Boycotts of BP filling stations are popping up all over the country amid the growing frustration over the company’s failed efforts to stop a massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. But if the goal is to hurt BP’s bottom line, then such efforts, not unlike those to cap the spewing undersea well, could be in vain.

The company will attempt a risky procedure to capture the oil.

“Retail gasoline sales account for such a tiny part of BP revenues, the impact of even a massive boycott would be negligible,” said Phil Flynn, an energy analyst at Chicago-based PFG Best. “Such boycotts would end up hurting the wrong people.”

That’s because of the roughly 10,000 BP filling stations/convenience stores in the United States, the vast majority are independently operated, either by small regional distributors or individual franchise owners. All BP branded stores, as well as Amoco, which is owned by BP, are located east of the Rocky Mountains.

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