Pageants for the rest of us

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Most women who want to be known for their grace and etiquette might aspire to win a beauty pageant. But appearing honest and attractive is not the only thing that people around the world are competing for.

From senior beauty pageants held in backyards to an all-female prison in Bogotá, Colombia, some pageants aren’t only about the crown but truly unique titles as well. In 2005, Jerry Springer became the Donald Trump of beauty pageants when he hosted “The Great American Trailer Park Pageant,” in which contestants had to have a trailer park characteristic and personality.

These pageants focus on different aspects that women hold, such as the ‘Miss Outdoors’ competition in Maryland, where muskrat-skinning is a deciding factor when declaring the winner. And the ‘Miss Beautiful Morals’ pageant in Saudi Arabia who has to prove her devotion and respect for her parents, focusing on inside beauty rather than the outside.

A few selections from the Houston Chronicle narrate the journeys of these eccentric women, who not only wow the judges with their unique attributes but also prove that pageants are more just a test of beauty and grace.

But who knows, maybe becoming Miss Trailer Park could look good on a resume.