World in review: June 16, 2010

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Welcome to the Daily Caller’s first-ever “World in Review,” our daily rundown of the most interesting stories from across the globe. Today’s stories involve a four hundred year old high profile missing persons case, riots in Israel, reparations for the Vietnam War, a porn star with a Ph. D., and a Brooklyn resident caught selling PlayStations for Hezbollah.

  • After four hundred years, the body of the famous Italian Baroque painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio has finally (likely) been found. The artist apparently died in 1610 near the beaches of Tuscany, where researchers found the bones in question. The discovery was announced just after a four-month exhibit of the artist’s work closed in Rome.
  • Israel braces for riots by ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups across the country incensed by a ruling of its High Court requiring an end to what the Court called intra-religious ethnic segregation in the Beit Ya’acov elementary school in Emmanuel. Ashkenazi Jewish parents who refuse to return their daughters to the school if they are required to attend class with Sephardi and Mizrahi Jewish students may be sentenced to time in prison according to the Court’s decision. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concern that the issue may become a distraction from Israel’s international disputes with Iran and Turkey, asking Israeli citizens to “show restraint, to respect the law, and solve the problem in a peaceful and pleasant way.”
  • The Vietnam War has been over for decades, but the U.S. may end up paying for it for an additional ten years. A joint U.S.-Vietnamese task force has assessed the costs of Agent Orange cleanup and health care for those afflicted by ailments resulting from contact with the chemical. The group has called for the U.S. to shell out $300 million over ten years to help the country deal with the toll use of the wartime defoliant has taken.
  • While the United States may end up paying Vietnam monetary reparations for damage caused by Agent Orange, a Japanese porn star with a Ph. D. in history has a more interesting plan to repay China for the Japanese invasion during World War II. Anri Suzuki plans to have sex with Chinese students studying in Japan to make up for her country’s actions. “I think it would be symbolic compensation for them,” she explains.
  • Authorities in Paraguay have charged a Brooklyn resident with providing financial support to terrorist group Hezbollah. Moussa Ali Hamdan is accused of agreeing to engage in a plot to sell stolen goods in such as PlayStation 2’s and funnel the proceeds to the group, which has strong ties to the Iranian government.