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‘A Rolling Stone may gather no moss, but in this case it seems to have run over a general’

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That’s the Tweet of the day from good ol’ Fred Thompson. He’s talking about Rolling Stone‘s profile of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, in which McChrystal and his subordinates say a number of things about the civilian chain of command that have gotten them into trouble. For more reaction on that, see the entire freaking Internet.

Perhaps the most troubling revelation is that the general’s favorite beer is Bud Light Lime. Why would you admit something like that in public? If Obama’s going to fire him, it should be for that.

P.S. Could somebody do a word-count comparison between this Rolling Stone article and the Arizona immigration law? Because out of the two of them, Obama has only taken the time to read one.

P.P.S. Dana Perino has a word of advice: “Unless you’re Al Gore or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., if Rolling Stone calls, it’s not because they want to do a positive profile about you… It’s okay to say ‘no.'”

Jim Treacher