A look at the crazy lengths that some fans go to get closer to their favorite celebrities

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A crystal-studded glove that Michael Jackson wore during his 1984 Victory tour sold at an auction for $190,000. According to CBS, set of three 1954 chest x-rays of Marilyn Monroe sold for $45,000. Some fans will do just about anything to take a piece of their favorite celebrity home with them. Here’s a look at some of the more ridiculous celebrity items ever auctioned off:

Timberlake for breakfast

A radio station that interviewed Justin Timberlake put his left over French toast up for auction on eBay. The winning bid was $3,154, and the lucky recipient said she was planning to “freeze-dry it, then seal it, then put it on my dresser.” Watch out Justin, because that’s just plain creepy.

Scarlett’s tissue

A superfan of Scarlett Johansson’s thought that a used tissue of hers was worth thousands of dollars. A tissue that Johansson used to blow her nose on Jay Leno sold for $5,300. Scarlett should be afraid, very afraid.

Britney’s locks

When Britney Spears shaved her head in 2007, everyone knew about it. The salon responsible was hoping to capitalize on their moment in the limelight by auctioning off Britney’s hair. Unfortunately, eBay cancelled the auction before anyone successfully purchased the pop star’s discarded locks. They were hoping to sell the hair for $1,000,000.

Such a shame, because Justin’s French toast connoisseur and Scarlett’s snot sniffer probably would have wanted in.