The ‘Great Gatsby’ video game

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Wannabe flappers and dapper Dans, rejoice: The fictional world of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s twenties classic, The Great Gatsby, is now a video game. The decidedly non-violent twenties classic is unlikely fodder for a choose-your-own adventure style game, says Josh Harrison at Ology, but “the possibilities are endless” for this “hidden object” game: “Dance the Charleston! Drink bootleg gin! Stare longingly at the greenish light across the water!”

Meanwhile Willa Paskin at New York Magazine is dubious (“Say huh?”) and The Daily Beast is incredulous (“What’s next? James Joyce’s Ulysses?”), Winda Benedetti at MSNBC’s Citizen Gamer blog concedes that the game and its ilk, while arguably a “desecration” of the source material, might function as “translations for the next generation.

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