Glenn Beck: Number one American most hated by the left

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Townhall, the conservative online and print magazine, just came out with The 100 Americans the Left Hates the Most. Glenn Beck, #1 on that list, has never doubted that the liberal-progressives loathed him, but a recent poll shows that may only represent about 20% of Americans.

The Left’s Arrogance:

Constantly seeking “change,” the left proves themselves equal opportunity haters—not only the top 100, but for traditional America as well.

Consider the disconnect they create with the 80% of Americans not firmly in their corner. Pronouncements for a “fundamental transformation of America as we know it…” by the leader of one party rule and Hillary Clinton’s call for us to consider the success of Brazil’s high tax rates, booming economy producing a record Brazilian GDP, fails to impress.

“Uh, thanks, but no thanks beloved leaders.” They might not get this, but Brazil with extreme destitution, off the charts crime and corruption, and an America of honor, wealth, and status in the world is something we still remember.

Having lived among the poor in Latin America I can witness that the US at its worst is still as Reagan said, “a shining city on a hill…”.  It was after two years in a South American crime-filled, socialist, impoverished nation, when a customs official said in LA, “Welcome home to the United States, Mr. Pratt.” Emotion comes easily recalling that welcome and my spontaneous sense of gratitude to be AMERICAN.

The Beck Answer:

That is precisely what any real American would want to hear at coming home and that is why Beck connects so well with millions of Americans. In fact, to the left’s dismay and total lack of comprehension, the more they speak of transformation the greater the Beck storm grows, picking up speed with the 80% of Americans available for conversion.


“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…” he began singing at the conclusion of his final road show, the “American Revival” in Salt Lake City, held on July 17th 2010. Here’s the rest of the story…

I met Glenn personally on Friday July 16, at a special fundraising dinner for the 8/28 Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Enjoying his shows, I wanted to know if Glenn was the real deal. So often great performers fail the “personal touch” test.

The first hint that he is like us was, quite simply, the way he acted. He got a plate of food—not served but in line like everyone else—at The Point Restaurant, a plain-wrap cafeteria on the sixth floor of the Huntsman Cancer Center at the University of Utah where nearly 100 people paid $1,000 for the chicken-whatever-it-was.

Alone, I found seating at a table with strangers near the food warmers. Walking past our table with plate in hand, Glenn pauses, smiles, and shares his nametag. “Steve,” we will know him by for the remaining hour.

What’s there not to love about the guy, as comfortable being called Steve as he is the “American the Left Hates the Most?” I decided to find out and ventured to greet him personally after the informal dining.

Warm and genuine, he presented himself as easily as an old friend might. Thanking him for the encouragement and hope he offered his audience, and especially for a son who has been looking for direction, he commented on personal struggles, God’s hand in our lives, then asked, “Are you attending tomorrow?” Awkwardly, I explained putting out the $1,000 for the dinner and paying for my son and several other guests left me to a plan of watching it live at his website. Glenn wouldn’t have it. He called Joe Kerry over and said, “Please add James Pratt and his wife to my guest list.”

Mr. Beck, encouraging me regarding the American Revival content and what might help my son had said, “Please pray that we will deliver what your son needs to hear,” and then added, “and that it’s going to be something to never forget.” I did.

Opening with a Pledge of Allegiance directed by Boy Scouts and a prayer offered by a US Congressman, the tone was set for “Faith, Hope, and Charity,” a theme presented over seven hours. With Beck fervor for God and country along with companion instructors David Barton (Faith of the Founders), David Buckner (Hope found in fiscal responsibility), and Judge Andrew Napolitano (Charity found in Constitutional freedom) Glenn Beck and entourage received well-deserved standing ovations.

At the conclusion on the day, with Beck’s voice offering his best solo rendition of the favorite American hymn Amazing Grace, we learned that the words he left us with, “…I once was blind, but now I see…” had deeper meaning to him now. He revealed his loss of eyesight, yet gratitude to God; a meaning the hate-filled left can never comprehend.

Beck’s easy chalkboard style, demonstration of peaceful revolution to restore America to its founding principles, and well-researched content is winning America over. Townhall’s entry to Beck as America’s #1 Most Hated puts the reason simply:

Thanks to Beck, Americans are waking up to what our government is up to and are hungering for the real story of their nation—the one that the progressive movement, using the schools and universities, has tried to keep from them. We are falling in love with our country again. That is why the Left hates him.

James Michael Pratt is a New York Times bestselling novelist and non-fiction author, CEO of PowerThink Publishing, public speaker, Op Ed writer for The Daily Caller, and Founder of Reagan Revolution 2. Email: james@powerthink.com.