Bureaucrats trash truckloads of valuable classroom furniture at NY middle school

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Here’s one way to flunk economics.

Officials at a downtown public school wastefully threw out hoards of pricey desks, chairs, cabinets and other classroom furniture yesterday despite steep budget cuts to city schools.

Residents who live near the Greenwich Village Middle School on Hudson Street said they watched in horror as sanitation workers crushed more than 50 pieces of perfectly good furniture — and perhaps twice that — in the back of a garbage truck.

“It was perfectly good stuff. It should be used and not thrown away,” fumed local business owner Richard Butensky. “There were a lot of desks — at least 50 — and those were all destroyed.”

Sanitation workers yesterday pulverize what witnesses described as perfectly good desks, chairs and other furniture dumped from the Greenwich Village Middle School at Hudson and Grove streets.

The damage would have been worse if Robert Nassau — whose wife runs a new private school in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, called the Greene Hill School — hadn’t rescued dozens of items lined up on the block ready to be pulverized.

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