Beggars pretending to be homeless are raking in £20,000 a year

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Their apparently pitiful existence and pleas for money attract the generosity of many passers-by.

But some beggars are making the equivalent of a £20,000-a-year salary and are not homeless at all, police have revealed.  They estimate many city centre regulars, who pretend to live on the street, make more money than hard-working professionals.

Some are routinely taking home as much as £40 a day, rising to £100 at weekends.  Working a six-day week, they can earn as much as £300 untaxed income a week, giving give them a salary of £15,600.  After tax and National Insurance deductions workers on a salary of £20,000, which is roughly what newly-qualified teachers earn, take home £15,391.85 a year.

Full story: Beggars pretending to be homeless are raking in £20,000 a year | Mail Online

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