Fall TV preview: These women like to kick some tail

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Kelli Giddish is downright confident the gal she calls “Queen Bee” — the flesh-and-blood U.S. marshal training her to trail fugitives for NBC’s new Jerry Bruckheimer drama “Chase” — means business.

“She weighs about a buck 15,” the gravelly voiced, sunny-haired actress said of the petite Houstonian. “She’s a blondie. She wears her mascara. And she can kick your….”

The Georgia-born Giddish, 30, is also describing her Texas-size TV alter ego, U.S. Marshal Annie Frost, one of the 2010-11 season’s empowered, action-adventure tough chicks whose job is to take charge, take names and take down the bad guys.

In the “Chase” premiere on Monday, Giddish jumps out of a helicopter to tackle a man twice her size, leaps off a bridge to river-wrestle a serial killer and flips a dude over her shoulder with his own belt — which she rips off his waist while he has her headlocked. “Take on Annie’s ponytail,” she said, “and she’ll take you down, buddy.”

The CW offers Craig Silverstein’s rebooted and stilettoed “Nikita” (which premiered Sept. 9), starring Maggie Q (“Mission: Impossible III”) as a rogue assassin seeking vengeance against a corrupt government agency. And Gugu Mbatha-Raw holds her own as a butt-whoopin’ married spy on J.J. Abrams’ NBC series “Undercovers,” premiering Wednesday.

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