Allowing Colbert to testify in front of Congress is a disgrace

Matt O'Connor Contributor
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The country is fighting multiple wars, suffering from Depression-era levels of unemployment and drowning in $13.4 trillion of debt. So naturally, the Democrat-controlled Congress invited Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert to testify on immigration reform last Friday.

Colbert performing in character in front of a congressional subcommittee while under oath is a mark of shame and embarrassment. Mocking the system inside the very institution that is supposed to represent our country’s shared ideals of freedom, liberty and justice is inexcusable.

Have those who lead Congress forgotten about their honor and constitutional oaths?

Millions have made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for the liberties enshrined in our founding documents. At present, well over two million of our fellow citizens voluntarily serve in our armed forces, ready to defend our nation and Constitution.

What took place in Congress on Friday is a moral outrage and a disgusting display of contempt encouraged by both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration. The Democratic leaders who allowed this travesty to take place are nothing short of bastards and should be immediately reprimanded and relieved from their leadership posts. Are these strong words? You bet they are. And when the November midterms come, we will see just how disgusted the American electorate has become with Speaker Pelosi and her Congress.

After the Republicans take control of the House, the investigations into the stench of Speaker Pelosi’s Congress will begin. We’ll see who’s laughing then.

Matt O’Connor is a freelance writer and founder of Clarion Advisory, LLC, a media production company, and serves as the executive editor of Clarion Advisory.com, a website featuring political commentary and the continuous aggregation of national and international news covering politics and business. Prior to forming Clarion Advisory, Matt worked as a broker and vice president within a Fortune 250 company on the West Coast.