Al Gore urges California to vote no on climate initiative

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CALIF. — The future of climate change legislation in the United States could rest in California, where voters will decide on Nov. 2 whether to pass Proposition 23, a ballot measure that would roll back the state’s ambitious greenhouse gas emissions targets. With some polls showing voters in California split over the issue, former Vice President Al Gore released a video today explaining his opposition.

“The fight for America’s clean energy future is taking place right now, and it’s come to California,” Gore says in the video. “This is a fight we simply cannot afford to lose.”

In 2006, California passed a law to curb the state’s emissions by 15 percent by 2020, which would bring them down to 1990 levels. The plan targeted a range of economic sectors for emissions cuts, including automobiles, buildings and landfills, and it called for a third of California’s electricity to come from renewable sources like wind or solar energy. The plan was hailed as a model for national climate change legislation.

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