First-place NY Giants deliver Doomsday

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ARLINGTON, Texas — All alone in first place in the NFC East, that’s where the Giants are after last night’s stunning display of resiliency, artistry and plain old brute force combined to overwhelm, embarrass and for all practical purposes end the Cowboys season.

What does it say about the Giants that they could combine glaring imperfection with bouts of incredible dominance and come away with a wild 41-35 victory that at first was improbable, then inexorable and finally a bit sticky before it was all over?

“Celebrate the wins, that's all I can tell ya’,” an exhausted and relieved coach Tom Coughlin said afterward.

In a frenetic turnaround, the Giants found themselves down 10-0 less than six minutes into the game and trailed 20-7 early in the second quarter. With 91,375 witnesses at Cowboys Stadium, the Giants put Tony Romo out of commission, scored the next 31 points and by the second half Eli Manning and Company were absolutely and completely toying with a team many expected to not only finish atop the division, but also to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

What was a comfy 38-20 lead late in the fourth quarter turned uneasy after Jon Kitna — subbing for Romo, who was knocked out on a hit by Michael Boley — tossed two touchdown passes to rookie Dez Bryant. The Giants actually needed to recover two onside kicks in the closing minute, including one pounced on by Clint Sintim with 39 seconds left, to finish things off.

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