Special report: Tea Party candidates only a Democrat could love

Pat McMahon Contributor
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(Reuters) – Jim Schneller is not the type of congressional candidate a political progressive or liberal Democrat would ordinarily support.

A self-avowed Tea Party activist, he opposes abortion even in the cases of rape and incest. He wants to abolish the Federal Reserve, labeling it “unconstitutional.” He vows to “guarantee constitutional rights for home-schooling.” And he is still calling for President Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate or face deportation.

Yet Schneller quite possibly might never have become a candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania’s seventh congressional district were it not for a helping hand from his opponents. As it happens, a dozen Delaware County Democratic Party activists obtained nearly all of the necessary signatures for him to qualify for the ballot, records of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State show.

Some of these activists work or have worked in one capacity or another for the campaign of Schneller’s opponent, Bryan Lentz, a two-term Democratic state legislator. At least five of the people associated with Lentz’s campaign who gathered signatures for him also did so for Schneller, according to records and interviews.

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