Rove applauds Jon Stewart for Obama interview

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Karl Rove applauded Jon Stewart for his interview of President Barack Obama on The Daily Show, saying that “Stewart was questioning from the left,” but that “it was a serious attempt. I mean, it was actually a pretty good interview.”

Rove, who appeared on Fox News, reserved his criticism for President Obama, referring to the president’s “self-pitying tone.” The GOP strategist and former White House aide also suggested that Obama “was a little grim and obviously wanted something lighter.”

Rove added that Obama was addressing the wrong problem.

“The president’s mindset is ‘I’m being criticized from the left.’ No Mr. President,” Rove said, “You’re being criticized from the right and center. That’s what this election is all about.”

When it was pointed out that Stewart had in fact criticized him from the left for not being liberal enough, Rove added, “If the president thinks that’s the pressure he needs to bow towards, it’s going to get simply worse for him.”