Praise for MySpace’s new look — but that logo?

interns Contributor
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MySpace is now My_____.

In case you didn’t catch that, when you see that underscore, your brain should say “space.”

If you find that kind of word game tricky, then MySpace asks that you kindly drop the capital “S” in the logo — so that it’s “Myspace.”

See how hip it is?

Everyone knows MySpace has fallen on hard times in recent years. It’s almost uncool to make fun of it — like kicking a kid while he’s down.

But, despite the odds and that new logo, MySpace My_____ is trying to stage a comeback. The site on Tuesday announced a major revamp that aims to go beyond image tweaks, repositioning itself not as a social network that can compete with Facebook or Twitter, but as a “social entertainment destination for Gen Y.”

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