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The debate is over, people: Joe Scarborough has spoken

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The guy who puts the “I know” in “RINO” has popped up on Politico again. You’ll never guess what he wants to talk about.

We get it, Sarah Palin. You’re not morally culpable for the tragic shooting in Tucson, Ariz. All of us around the “Morning Joe” table agree [Ed. note: “Morning Joe” is a program on MSNBC, which is a channel on basic cable], even if we were stunned that you would whine about yourself on Facebook as a shattered family prepared to bury their 9-year-old girl.

He goes on for another thousand words or so, but you get the idea. If somebody is accused of complicity in a mass murder, based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, daring to respond is “whining.” It disrespects the memory of the people who were murdered. Making such an unfounded accusation in the first place doesn’t disrespect their memory, mind you; pointing out that it’s unfounded, that’s the problem.

He’s saying this now because his show was among the accusers, and now everybody knows they were wrong. Time for some subterfuge.

This is who Joe Scarborough is. This is what he does.

Speaking of bottom-feeders, Michael Kinsley never lets the facts get in the way of a good story.

P.S. CBS tries to weasel out of it as well.

Jim Treacher