Snooki ignores Sen. Chuck Schumer

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Jersey Shore reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may enjoy living in the big apple, but that doesn’t mean she’s interested in New York politics.

Polizzi is visiting D.C. for the Washington Auto Show, and upon arriving at Reagan National Airport on Monday, she crossed paths with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer. Paparazzi repeatedly urged Snooki to take a photograph with her senator, but she appeared either uninterested or unaware of his presence. Snooki took pictures with other airport visitors, but was unresponsive when the paparazzi repeatedly asked her to pose with Schumer.

Schumer waved at Snooki and seemed interested enough to stick around, say hello, and wait to pose for a picture. Snooki ignored the photographer’s pleas for her to take a photo with Schumer and instead signed autographs for others.

“Snooki can we get a picture with you and Senator Schumer?” someone asked. “Snooki, Senator Schumer is waiting for you.”

When told that the fourth season of the Jersey Shore is set to film in Italy, Sen. Schumer replied, “I’d rather they film it in New York.”

Once Schumer decided to keep walking and continue his day,  someone explained to Snooki that her senator had just been a few feet away.

“Oh, really?” she said.

The latest snubbing comes just weeks after Snooki casually dismissed a chance to speak with Bill O’Reilly.

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