Happy Bill Murray Day! [SLIDESHOW]

Monique Hamm Contributor
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Since pretty much nobody outside of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania actually wants to celebrate Groundhog Day, let’s take some time to honor the true hero of Feb 2: Bill Murray.

There are few actors as timeless as Murray, the comedian who brought us comedy classics like “What About Bob?,” “Ghostbusters,” and of course, “Groundhog Day.”

However, unlike most comedians, some of Murray’s greatest moments take place outside the studio, a telling example being the time he was charged for drunk driving a golf cart in Sweden. Let’s not forget the instance in which Murray played bartender in Austin, where he only served tequila no matter what the patrons ordered. The list of his best moments on and off screen could go on forever, so for time saving purposes, here is a slideshow of our favorite Murray moments: