Dale Peterson ain’t going anywhere, America!

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Never before has an unsuccessful campaign for state agriculture commissioner yielded such a national treasure. Dale Peterson, best known for an infamous 2010 commercial in which he brandished a shotgun while asking for the Republican nomination and admonishing alleged sign-stealers, launched a write-in candidacy for the CPAC presidential straw poll Friday. It was unclear whether the straw-poll candidacy meant Peterson will actually run for president.

“[I’m] trying to wake up all these wannabe presidents,” Peterson said. “If we’re realistic, we have a slim chance of winning the Oval office in 2012.”

Peterson said he wants to infuse the election with “straight talk” lacking from professional politicians who are “too slick, too fakey, or either they waltz around the issues.”

He’s philosophical about his 2010 loss.

“I’ve never been in politics. I’ve never been elected to any office,” he said. “I tried once, and although I didn’t win, I didn’t lose because if I had won that office I wouldn’t be here at CPAC trying to do what I can for the people of America.”

Peterson said he and his wife are taking their retirement to travel the country and spread their message, which consists mostly of patented “straight talk” about lowering tax and regulatory burdens.

Below, a few of Dale Peterson’s greatest hits from a short interview with The Daily Caller‘s Matthew Boyle: