CPAC attendees confront a white nationalist [VIDEO]

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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White nationalist Jamie Kelso went to CPAC last week hoping to get some converts. Instead, he got an earful from some conservative activists who sent him packing. In a video shot by Eddie Becker, Kelso engages in a lively discussion with younger CPAC attendees and Ron Paul supporters who let him know that racism is not welcome in the conservative movement.

After one young attendee refers to Kelso as a “Paultard” – an insult often leveled used by some movement conservatives to describe the Texas congressman’s more outré supporters – several Paul fans demand that Kelso’s “Campaign for Liberty” buttons be removed. Kelso eventually complies before making a hasty exit from the building.

At nearly 15 minutes, it’s a long clip still worth watching in full. A small bonus: footage of Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey mulling about in the background.