Democratic National Committee reportedly behind Wisconsin protests

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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The organizing arm of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that got President Barack Obama elected, “Organizing for America,” is engaging and actively supporting the union protests in Wisconsin – despite DNC Chairman Tim Kaine’s previous stint as governor of a state with employees without collective bargaining rights.

Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson sent a letter to Kaine asking him to acknowledge that, in Virginia where he served as governor, “public employees get along just fine without having collective bargaining rights, yet you remain silent about this fact and allow your minions to seek to incite protests rather than promoting an understanding that being freed from the shackles of collective bargaining is one of the keys to Virginia’s prosperity.”

The Democratic Party’s official Wisconsin organizing Twitter account — @OFA_WI – has been tweeting from the scene since the protests began. The tweets range from encouraging the protesters to encouraging underage students to join in.

Obama has called Walker’s plans an “assault on unions,” and his Organizing for America campaign group is filling buses and running phone banks in Madison, Wisconsin.