Tim Pawlenty releases video touting Tea Party

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Fresh off a speech at the Tea Party Patriot’s American Policy Summit in Phoenix on Sunday, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty continued his courtship of the Tea Party in a video released Tuesday. Over swelling, silver screen-style music, Pawlenty proclaims his support for the Tea Party, and his conviction that the movement is a force for good in the political landscape.

“I think the Tea Party is a great addition to the conservative coalition and the coalition for change in this country,” Pawlenty says at the beginning the video, titled ‘Tea Party: A New Birth of Freedom.”

“Historical change in this country usually starts out with a group that’s somewhat fresh, somewhat new. Starts out with a little bit of an outsider status but then over time, they become the driving force for change,” he continues. “And I think the Tea Party is a welcome, helpful energetic, forward-leaning organization.”

Pawlenty’s speech this weekend seemed to be well received, and he won second place in a presidential straw poll.