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According to Men’s Health magazine, San Antonio, TX is the 7th fattest city in the U.S. Keep that in mind as you read the following from the San Antonio Express-News:

The price of the Beefy Crunch Burrito had gone up from 99 cents to $1.49 and the man at the Rigsby Road Taco Bell drive-thru had just ordered seven.

The fast food customer was so disgruntled by the price hike he shot an air gun at the manager, displayed a semiautomatic assault rifle and pistol while in the restaurant’s parking lot, fled as police were called, exchanged shots with three officers who pulled him over, then barricaded himself in his hotel room — all over $3.50 plus additional tax.

The final incident in the burrito-triggered spree happened Sunday afternoon at the Rodeway Inn on North W.W. White Road, engaging SWAT negotiators in a more than three-hour standoff, according to officials and witnesses.

Police initially said Ricardo Jones, 37, was to be charged with attempted capital murder, but instead he was charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault.

Fortunately, the only thing injured in Mr. Jones’ super-size rampage was his pride. I mean, come on, you go to Taco Bell with 10 bucks (and a few guns), and those damn thieves jack up the price on you. What was the guy supposed to do, pay it?

I haven’t figured out yet why this is Sarah Palin’s fault, so let’s just take it as a given.

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Jim Treacher