The Wisconsin judicial race: This is what democracy looks like

Eric Golub Contributor
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The left is trying to steal another election, but this time they will have to work much harder to do it.

On Wednesday night, liberal Wisconsin state attorney general JoAnne Kloppenburg had a 204-vote lead in the Badger State’s contentious judicial election. She then immediately declared victory. That is what liberals do. When a conservative is ahead, the left tells Americans to “be patient,” and “let the process run its course.” Then when they steal enough votes to take the lead, they tell conservatives that “this has dragged on long enough,” and that “the American people want us to stop fighting and get back to work.”

Not so fast. Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge David Prosser now has a 7,500-vote lead. This is outside the margin where a recount is mandatory. If Kloppenburg wants a recount, she will have to pay for it herself. She will be fine, since unions will just forcibly raise the dues of their members through various intimidation tactics. This is the very reason Governor Scott Walker passed the bill restricting the power of unions to break the law.

Judge Prosser is the most non-controversial individual on Earth. He is even boring by white male Wisconsin standards. His only crime during a distinguished and yet publicly uneventful career was to belong to the same political party as Governor Walker.

While the left will caution against Republicans celebrating too early, a 200-vote liberal proclamation of victory should surely be grounds for a 7,500-vote conservative coronation.

Now for a message to every leftist who slogged from around the country to Wisconsin to try and disrupt decent society: This is what democracy looks like!

The world is a better place today as every Wisconsin union thug is either in a fetal position sucking their thumb or trying to explain why this was really a victory because they “sent a message.”

Let me send a message to them: Game over. The left is an aging former high-priced call girl refusing to admit that her glory days are gone. Seventy-five-year-old prostitutes do not fare well. They become madams for a while and leech off of younger pawns. Such is the life of aging union revolutionaries living off of the dues of young productive workers too scared to say no to their pimps.

The left threw everything they had into the Wisconsin judicial race. They invested emotional energy and more than $2 million. This was their stand, and they fell hard.

Like Ronald Reagan bankrupting the U.S.S.R., the right needs to force the left to spend every dollar on losing causes.

It is time to turn “hope and change” and “Yes, we can” into despair and “you never could and never will.”

The left may believe that money comes out of thin air, but even George Soros does not own a printing press. If he wants to throw bad money after worse, to quote George W. Bush, “bring it on.”

This is bigger than Wisconsin, and the left knows it. It may not be the leftists’ last gasp, but they are gasping nonetheless.

Let them come up with every trick in the book. Let them claim that evil white conservatives prevented blacks from voting. The fact that there are virtually no black people in Wisconsin can be rationalized by liberals as proof of the suppression to begin with. Minorities were so intimidated that they did not even live in the state on Election Day.

Let them claim that we should wait and count all the votes as they try to suppress the 14,000 votes that put Judge Prosser over the top.

Let them try and see if any dead people or felons voted, which will only reduce their own total.

The unions fought the dirty fight, and Judge Prosser still won.

Maybe some good will come of this. Maybe college students will see what I saw twenty years ago. Unions are an anachronism, and progressives block individual human progress. If students want to truly have better working conditions, they can go into high-paying careers. Maybe they can become self-employed and enjoy the sweet smell of creating success rather than living off others.

They will learn less about hermaphrodite Lichtenstein dinosaurs and get degrees in accounting, economics, and finance. They will not have time to protest or community organize, but they will have the skills to set up tax shelters and keep their own money.

So congratulations to those who supported Kloppenburg not because they knew anything about her (or anything about anything for that matter) but because they’d rather steal taxpayer money than become productive human beings.

They tried to turn back the hands of time to the decades past when they bullied with impunity.

Time has caught up with them, and the madams removing their oxygen masks to put on lipstick do not look pretty.

Your time is up, liberals. You just got clocked out.

Now go to sleep for a few hours, and clock back in at an actual job that produces actual things that benefit people.

Eric Golub is a Brooklyn-born stockbrokerage and oil professional living in the People’s Republic of Los Angeles. His blog is the TYGRRRR EXPRESS and his three books are “Ideological Bigotry,” “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.” His interests include politics, football, the stock market, and Republican Jewish brunettes.