Limbaugh: Media declaration of GOP victory on budget an effort to fire up liberal base

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Throughout the 2010 election cycle and at the beginning of the new Congress this year, the Republicans had promised $100 billion in budget cuts. However, after the budget deal struck late on Friday, there was only $38 billion in cuts to show.

Still, there has been considerable ire expressed by the left over those cuts, but are Democrats really upset? According to Rush Limbaugh – it’s all an act.  On his Monday show, he alluded to the media coverage.

“I’m sorry folks, but I don’t buy all this press – and I got stacks of it, I’m going to share it with you,” Limbaugh said. “It’s almost a ruse no matter where you go – Politico, New York Times, Washington Post. Obama got snookered. Boehner, great, great victory – masterful strategic win, and so forth. And I said, $38 billion – what is this? I got stories that the Democrats are fretting, the Democrats are depressed.”

Limbaugh suggested the possibility of a media “ruse,” especially with the coverage of President Barack Obama’s trip to the Lincoln Memorial over the weekend.

“I don’t know if there’s a giant ruse going on here, but it’s tough for me to believe Democrats are really feeling defeated over $38 billion of cuts,” he continued. “I think what’s going on – they got Obama’s plummeting numbers, Obama races to the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday to say, ‘Hey, it’s still open, See what I did?’ He didn’t do diddly squat. There’s no leadership from Obama here. He stayed out of it to the last minute.”

The end goal according to Limbaugh is to fire up the left by making it seem like congressional Republicans won something by declaring House Speaker John Boehner a victor.

“I think a lot of this reporting about how the Democrats took it on the chin, the Democrats are nervous, the Democrats are depressed, what a great strategic move,” he said. “You know, I know these people in the media, I know liberals like every square inch of my glorious naked body and I’m telling you that my instinct tells me most of this is structured in such a way as to fire up the Democratic base because Obama’s numbers are plummeting because you and I both know that for the American left, the Democrat Party, we conservatives are the number one enemy they face – not the Taliban, not al-Qaida, not Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. None of these are real threats to the country.  We are the biggest threat. I mean what do they do when they try to fire up the base? They come after me, or they come after Sarah Palin or they come after — whoever. Well what a better way to frighten the Democratic base than a massive weekend full of stories about how the Republicans just ate the Democrats lunch here?”


And while the deal is being hailed as a grand compromise, Limbaugh said the left won’t compromise on some things, especially where class warfare is concerned.

“Folks, that really didn’t happen,” Limbaugh said. “No one’s lunch was eaten here.  And if this is the pitfall – if the lesson learned from this is that the way to go is compromise with the left, then it’s going to be a disaster. The left is not going to compromise on the redistribution of wealth or income. The left is not going to compromise on tax increases for the wealthy. The left is not going to compromise on Keynesian spending. The left is not going to compromise on their core beliefs. They have to be defeated.”