‘Red Eye’ sounds off on Wonkette’s Stuef: ‘God, what a hideous, pathetic tool’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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While Wonkette and the website’s editor Jack Steuf are apparently not backing down from a post earlier this week slamming Trig Palin, the three-year-old special needs child of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, they’re still catching a fair amount of criticism.

And although that criticism won’t make the offensive nature of the post any easier to swallow, the folks at Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye” used the opportunity to take a few shots at Wonkette and Steuf on their Thursday morning show’s “Tool for Tonight” segment.

“Tonight the award goes to a piece of crap named Jack Steuf who blogs at Wonkette, a blog for people who are also pieces of crap,” Gutfeld said. “See Wednesday was Trig Palin’s birthday, so clever Jack writes about Sarah’s child thusly: ‘What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded. His mom went to a lot of trouble to leak amniotic fluid over eight states to make sure that he arrived in this world somewhat alive.’ Wow. There is actually another line that is worse and insinuates rape and incest, but we’re not going to go there.”

Gutfeld attempted to explain Steuf’s rationale for publishing the post.

“We can already hear your excuse, Jack,” Gutfeld said. “’See like, Sarah had used Trig as a prop while running for office,’ which means her kid deserves your petulant wrath, which means of course that any woman who runs for office better not have a kid in tow or the brat is yours to trash. And who cares if he has Down syndrome. Brave Jack is going to make fun of your, quote ‘retarded kid’ because that’s edgy and in your face blogging at its best.”

But according to Gutfeld, this is just par for the course.

“Did you know that Jack’s from Brooklyn and hairy?” he continued. “Yup, he shoots pool, drinks Pabst and makes fun at disabled kids, but only Palin’s because if he did it to anyone else he would have been ostracized by his friends who think and smell just like him. Of course, he doesn’t have much experience I’m sure with disabled people and he’s still pretty young so he has no real sense of suffering. But wait, here is a picture of him.”

“Well, maybe he does know suffering,” Gutfeld continued. “God, what a hideous, pathetic tool.”