Who decided it’s all about gas?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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When did everyone decide that it’s high gas prices that are hurting Obama? Seems crazy to me. He’s losing two out of three wars, the economy is flagging, and his signature domestic achievement is unpopular.  So it must be the gas! … P.S.: It’s not surprising that in polls people who say they “are feeling serious hardship as a result of gas prices” disproportionately say they “will not vote for Obama in 2012.” Or, rather, it’s not surprising that people who are so economically pressured that they are feeling serious hardship as a result of gas prices say they will not vote for Obama. That doesn’t mean the problem is gas prices. The problem might be the economic pressure. If employment and wages were growing rapidly, would high gas prices even be a factor? … P.P.S.: Also, if gas prices are seen as a harbinger of a coming burst of general inflation, that’s a different story. But the gist of the gas price CW is that the price of this one commodity = angry drivers = presidential unpopularity. …

Mickey Kaus