‘Red Eye’ evaluates Baltimore McDonald’s beating: Is it a ‘hate crime?’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Earlier this week, a video of a violent beating of an individual at a Baltimore McDonald’s went viral on the Internet, and gained a lot of national reaction about violence in the public places.

On Tuesday morning’s “Red Eye,” host Greg Gutfeld used his Gregalogue segment to offer his analysis of just how bad the event was and the disgraceful nature of all the characters involved.

“So you’ve probably seen that video of those two black girls beating a woman at McDonald’s to near death,” Gutfeld said. “It is the worst thing I have ever seen and I saw ‘The Last Airbender.’ The vicious attack went on forever mainly because all of the creeps nearby just egged it on. The victim ended up in convulsions with a loathsome employee aiding the culprit’s escape. Now, the good news is the victim, Chrissy Polis, although bruised and battered, seems pretty good. She seems all right.”

Polis was later identified to be transgender and authorities are contemplating hate crime charges. However, Gutfeld took umbrage with that.

“Since that fact has emerged, law enforcement is considering prosecuting this as a hate crime,” Gutfeld continued. “So wait, you are telling me this wasn’t a hate crime before you knew she wasn’t transgendered? She is viciously beaten, but adding the alt-gender component somehow makes it worse. Sorry, but why should that have any impact on the barbarism of the crime? The person is a person, end of story. You don’t need to add hate, especially when the hate wasn’t there. The victim even says these people were just looking for a fight.”

And Gutfeld argued this wasn’t motivated by hate, but by a lack of morality which he said is an issue that is far more important to tackle than childhood obesity.

“The fact is, like many modern crimes, this one was driven by callousness – more chilling because neither hate nor love was around,” Gutfeld continued. “The folly of the hate crime law is that it mistakenly views the original crime as not quite bad enough. Anyway, screw the child obesity epidemic. The real danger is not what kids are eating, but the horrible kids themselves. Michelle Obama, listen to me – maybe it is about time your task force focused on morality instead of menus. And if you disagree with me, you sir are a racist homophobe.”


Each of Gutfeld’s “Red Eye” panelists also added their thoughts on potential hate crimes charges. Actor and comedian Michael McDonald, formerly of “MADtv” fame, likened this horrific scene to a game of “politically correct poker.”

“To me, I don’t know – regarding the whole hate crime thing, I sort of think it is good intentions with horrible results, yet again,” he said. “And to me making things a hate crime – it’s a little bit like playing a game of politically correct poker where like, ‘I see your two disadvantaged black girls and I give a transgender girl.’”

Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason.com and Reason.tv worried the precedent set by hate crime laws erodes at the privacy of individuals.

“First off, I do think that this is the type of thing we expected from an Arby’s or a Hardees crowd – not a McDonald’s,” Gillespie said. “And also I’m sure the girls worked off the total calories of that meal. But yeah, hate crime legislation is bad because we don’t need to give cops or law enforcement more reason to pry into people’s minds and to screw with people. I mean, you see it out there. You know, they should be arrested and tried for beating somebody senseless and let it go with that.”

Finally, conservative pundit and author of the forthcoming book “Demonic: How the Lib Mob is Endangering America,” Ann Coulter had the most succinct one-liner of the segment.

“No, the beating was one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen,” Coulter said. “It’s the most disturbing on-air performance by a black woman since ‘Precious.’”

She added that the way things have progressed, we are emerged in a society where if you have victim status, you have clout and power.