Weinergate Undernews Update!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Weinergate Update–‘How can Rep. Weiner watch hockey games while middle class incomes are stagnant?’ edition: a) As things stand now, the main suspected hacker is saying, in effect, “come investigate me” and Rep. Weiner is clamming up with the traditional ‘I can’t answer even the simplest question because it would distract from my vital role in our great national debate’ defense. The MSM does not seem to be buying Weiner’s line. See outright criticism in New York magazine and thinly-veiled skepticism on CNN. b) One small question Weiner and his spokesperson will not want to answer: Had he communicated with the Seattle co-ed privately on Twitter? She says “I have never met Congressman Weiner,” which doesn’t quite cover it. Had she really been pursued by an obsessive anti-Weiner blogger (who may or may not be the man Weiner refers to as his “Moriarty”) and never tweeted about it privately with that very Congressman, who followed her on Twitter?  c) CNN has deployed its expert on sex scandals, Jeffrey Toobin. He knows the territory! Toobin, who argued that Clinton’s possible adultery was irrelevant before his own conduct gave retroactive perspective to that stand, says “[D]on’t make a federal case out of it.” Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he? d) One pro-Weiner argument I haven’t seen disposed of: Is it even possible to post a private photo on Yfrog? Even if it is, isn’t it so potentially hackable that a randy Congressman would be insane to use yFrog as the venue for his friendly webbische greetings? Jon Healey of L.A. Times raises that point. …

Mickey Kaus