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Liveblogging the Weiner show

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P.S. For some reason I thought Breitbart was holding another press conference at the same time, somewhere else. Like when Obama and Cheney had the dueling pressers a couple years back. But no, Breitbart was in the same room and everybody was asking him questions, so when Weiner didn’t show up, Breitbart just went up there and started fielding them. Part of me wonders if he’s nuts, and the rest of me loves how he drives these guys up a wall.

P.P.S. Reason mag has “the screencap no representative (or their significant other) wants to see.”

P.P.P.S. ABC News doesn’t mince words: Weiner’s Web of Lies. He didn’t just lie. He didn’t just throw other people in front of him as human shields as he tried to escape the trap he made for himself. He was a jerk about it. And he didn’t come clean until he had no other choice.