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Interview with Tom Borelli, Free Enterprise Project

Despite the conventional wisdom that corporations offend the left because they support capitalism and conservative economic policies, the truth is far different. Indeed, some of the largest and most powerful corporations provide muscle and funding for liberal causes and wed themselves to big government in order to receive special benefits. When big government and big business join forces for their mutual benefit at the expense of liberty and the free market system, it is called “Crony Capitalism.”

Tom Borelli, director of the Free Enterprise Project, has used modified Saul Alinsky tactics to pressure companies from the right. He has been fighting “crony capitalism” based on his insiders understanding of corporations and his observation of the left’s successful pressure tactics. Backed by a new surge of Tea Party activists willing to help, his Free Enterprise Project has established a foothold in shareholder meetings of some of the largest and most liberal-dominated corporations in America. The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas talked with Tom Borelli recently and found him willing to name names of the largest and most offensive crony capitalists.

What is your objective and background?

“It’s actually a very significant problem for those who love liberty, what’s going on in the corporate world. Too many CEOs, especially of the largest companies, are essentially progressives.”


On the problem with “crony capitalism”

“Why do you want to compete for a product or sell a product if you don’t have to, if you can get guaranteed sales through the government?”


What gives you hope for the future of capitalism?

“What gives us the most hope is actually the rise of the Tea Party movement and the rise of patriotic Americans willing to take it to the streets to really defend liberty and defend capitalism free enterprise.”


On big business’ role in the progressive environmental agenda, part 1

“When you merge the political and money interests of the left and you add in corporations, it becomes a big threat to our liberties and to our free market.”


On big business’ role in the progressive environmental agenda, part 2

“… Here’s an example of where the CEO is using the assets of a corporation to advance perhaps his political interests, or maybe his future job.”


On big business’ role in the progressive environmental agenda, part 3

“What a lot of companies do is they try to see where the political agenda is going. They try to jump on board, ride it for short term profits without worrying about the long-term consequences.”


What went wrong with BP?

“BP is a really good example of a company, of a progressive company, that forgot what its day job was.”


On big business’ role in health care reform

“When companies are for big government, they win. When companies are against big government, we the people win.”


On bailouts, cap and trade and Goldman Sachs

“We’ve been to the Goldman-Sachs shareholder meeting a number of times because once again this is a company that games the political system for a profit motive.”


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