Huntsman brings in $4.1 million in 10 days

Paul Conner Executive Editor
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Jon Huntsman has brought in $4.1 million in 10 days, the campaign confirmed to The Daily Caller Thursday.

A Huntsman source told TheDC “less than half” of that money came from the candidate’s own deep pockets.

Huntsman will not file with the Federal Election Commission on July 15, since campaign finance rules do not require him to do so, the source said.

Because Huntsman only announced his candidacy last Tuesday, June 21, he is not required to submit filings with the FEC until October 15.

CNN pointed out that Huntsman said in May that he would not fund his campaign from his own pocket, even though now it appears that he has spent nearly $2 million from his own treasury.

“If we were to get in the race – no self-financing,” he said in May. “Unless you can raise it legitimately, you’re not going to win.”