Facebook: Half ownership suit is an ‘outright fabrication’

InternAdmin Contributor

Facebook says it has found the original contract between Mark Zuckerberg and purported half-owner Paul Ceglia — and it doesn’t mention Facebook at all.

That, Facebook says, proves that Ceglia’s evidence is an “outright fabrication” and means that his suit seeking half-ownership of the social networking giant should be immediately tossed.

Both parties agree that Mark Zuckerberg signed a contract in 2003 with Paul Ceglia, the would-be-heir-apparent to Facebook, to do some freelance programming work on Ceglia’s company StreetFax. But in 2010, Ceglia filed suit, producing a copy of the contract (.pdf) that showed Ceglia made a $1000 investment in “The Page Book,” entitling him to half of Facebook. Facebook charges that Ceglia, who has a checkered past, forged a page of the contract.

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