Kos On Weiner Seat: Panic!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Kos to Dems on NY-9: Panic! The Public Policy Polling surveys affiliated with Markos Moulitsas’ Daily Kos web site have established a track record for off-year accuracy in recent months. They were eerily right about the race to succeed Jane Harman in my own district. (CA-36). They were right in the Wisconsin recall elections.  So I’ve been eagerly awaiting their poll for the vacant Weiner seat, NY-9. Now we have some indication as to which way it will go, in the form of twitters from PPP’s Tom Jensen, including this one:

My pretty straight forward take on the first night of our NY-9 poll: Dems in BIG trouble. It deserves the caps.
Here is Daily Kos diarist calchala‘s entirely appropriate reaction to the prospect that Democrat David Weprin might lose this 60% Dem district to “a crazy, Paul Ryan Republican.”  … Dems appear to have failed to follow the Barbara Boxer Rule of Political Longevity, which is panic too soon.  They’re panicking now, though. …
Mickey Kaus