Herman Cain’s evolving position on killing al-Awlaki (*Updated)

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Update: Cain appears to have changed his position. As HotAir’s Ed Morrissey reported yesterday: “In a brief Q&A with our panel after his speech, Cain told the crowd that he fully supported Barack Obama’s decision to strike Anwar al-Awlaki.”

But the video below shows that back in May, he said he opposed killing al-Awlaki. (Actually, he opposed it twice).

Via The Atlantic:

The above video was recorded just after the first nationally televised GOP presidential debate of the 2012 campaign cycle, held in Greenville South Carolina on May 5 of this year, according to its YouTube page.

“He should be charged. And since he’s an American citizen, he should be tried in our courts,” Cain said of al-Awlaki. When asked if he considered it legal for President Obama to order al-Awlaki killed, Cain said, “In his case, no, because he’s an American citizen.”

Matt K. Lewis