Cain: ‘I would be a natural choice for many of the Sarah Palin supporters’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

ARLINGTON, Va. — Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sarah Palin’s supporters should give him a good look now that the former Alaska governor isn’t going to make a run for the White House in 2012.

“I believe that I would be a natural choice for many of the Sarah Palin supporters simply because Sarah Palin and I share very similar views,” Cain told TheDC Friday afternoon before book signing in northern Virginia.

“The other thing Sarah Palin and I have in common is that we both don’t have a problem challenging the status quo and challenging the system. So in that regard, I think that once some of the Sarah Palin people take a look at Herman Cain and his campaign, many of them will see some similarities,” he said.

Palin announced this week that she will not run for president. She has been complimentary of Cain during appearances on Fox News.

Cain, a former businessman, told TheDC he hasn’t spoken directly with Palin about endorsing him, but said he would welcome it.

“Well, obviously an endorsement from people like that would be great,” he said. “But I also understand that she plays a very valuable role and its her decision about how she wants to play the role as being another conservative voice out there.”

The Republican presidential candidate, who has been surging in the polls, was appearing at a Costco store as part of a national book tour to promote “This is Herman Cain.”

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