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Alec Baldwin has a podcast and I forced myself to listen to it

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It’s for WNYC and it’s called Here’s the Thing. In the first installment, he interviews Michael Douglas. Douglas has throat cancer, so his voice is pretty raspy. But he sounds pretty lively, and according to Baldwin he looks good. They talk about acting, mostly.

The funniest moment is when Baldwin says he’s not as angry as he used to be, and that he doesn’t care what other people think. And that when he got angry, which he doesnt do anymore, it was because other people didn’t care about what he cared about as much as he did. So he’s pretty much completely changed, hasn’t he?

Baldwin is a decent interviewer, at least when he’s discussing something he knows about. The next podcast in two weeks will be an interview with Ed Rollins, so that’ll go right out the window.

(Okay, Tina?)

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