Glenn Beck on Occupy: ‘Radicals, revolutionaries, communists, socialists and Islamists’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Radio host and Internet news raconteur Glenn Beck says the Occupy Wall Street movement is a collaboration of various, sometimes conflicting, groups with a singular goal.

In an interview with NBC’s Kathie Lee Gifford, the former Fox News Channel host said the protests’ main influencers are “radicals, revolutionaries, communists, socialists and Islamists, who are not on the same page on a lot of stuff [but] will gather together to end the capitalist system and the western way of life.”

Gifford asked Beck whether the Occupy movement shared any common ground with the tea party.

“There’s real problems,” Beck said. “The sentiment of people saying, ‘Wait a minute — there’s corruption.’ We know there’s corruption. There’s corruption in the bank. There’s corruption on Wall Street. There’s corruption in our own companies.”

Reminiscent of his warning about a coming Islamic “caliphate” on his Fox show in February, Beck warned that the movement is a coalition of rogue anti-American elements that have no interest in preserving America’s ideals.


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