Huntsman obedient to wife when it comes to hair products

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman doesn’t color his salt-and-pepper hair, but admits his wife buys him plenty of hair products from the local Aveda Institute to keep everything in place.

Huntsman, the former governor of Utah, discussed his grooming habits in an interview with Chris Moody of Yahoo! News.

Asked what products he uses for his hair, Huntsman responded that his wife tells him what to do in this regard, explaining: “I wish I could tell you. She has these little squirt bottles.”

Huntsman added: “But no dye. And not much in the way of artificiality.”

The profile also includes a more substantive discussion on the campaign. Moody writes that “Huntsman told me that the swell of tea party-fueled, my-way-or-the-highway politics was just a passing phase. Gridlock will get so bad, he predicted, that Americans will force the stubborn ideological hold-outs in Congress to stand down and compromise. When that happens, he’ll be ready.”

“Inevitably, people will insist that the work of the country gets done,” Huntsman said in the interview. “You’ve got to have candidates who will run and say, I’m going to get the work of the country done, I’m not going to sell out for right or left.”

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