OWS supporters are doing a poor job of convincing me that they’re not anti-Semites

Tony Katz Host, Tony Katz and the Morning News
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In a Wednesday appearance on the Russia Today television network, I discussed the violent confrontations between police officers and Occupy Wall Street protesters earlier this week in Oakland, California. I made it clear that I don’t condone police brutality. In fact, I am vehemently opposed to an oppressive police state. I also explained that though I disagree with the protesters’ radical agenda, I agree that cronyism is a real problem. Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers on Wall Street, Main Street or any other street.

The segment lasted for the better part of 20 minutes. I had a spirited but friendly back-and-forth with my fellow panelist, OWS supporter Charlie McGrath. We agreed that there is no such thing as “too big to fail.” We agreed that violent rhetoric won’t help Occupy Wall Street get its message across (I still question what OWS’s message is, but certainly large-scale skirmishes with Occupiers hurling paint at police punctuated by tear gas being used on the protesters won’t make the message any clearer.) McGrath and I also agreed that it was strange that the show’s host kept showing clips of Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello at OWS rallies and asking us to comment on what he was saying.

Despite all these areas of agreement, the OWS-supporting viewers weren’t satisfied. In fact, many were furious. While a few supported my being on the show, the majority focused on my contention that many Occupiers are anti-Semites. Note: I have not edited the below comments from the Russia Today YouTube channel.

One commenter, “largegrainofsalt,” asserted that the fact that the protesters have observed Jewish holidays proves that they aren’t anti-Semitic:

tony wasn’t just an ass, he was demonstrably wrong. the protests are not in any way anti-semetic. several of the larger protest held events for a jewish holiday recently.

His comment was surrounded by others that undermine his thesis:

Tony Katz? What kind of surname is Katz? Another Jew-Zionist pig!!!!! This should speak volumes of what his message and hidden intent is: to protect the criminal dirt-bag jew element who have been ruining the world for decades. — waddietwo

Tony Katz = hybrid cross between Rick Moranis and nerdy Gene Simmons. Like all Yids, he reminds me of someone who would steal you wallet and then help you look for it. He’d probably kill your mother for 30 shekels. — slvrizgold

Tony Katz the mouthy rodent-faced Jew at it again. — papalolita

Katz is a paid talking head to downplay the OWS and a member of the same tribe that caused this mess in the first place. Not only the jewsury the bankers have caused but the moral degradation these satanists are promoting — adampie12

Tony Katz is a Jew. Thus his siding with the police. Any questions? — kniteofzero

Also undermining largegrainofsalt’s thesis are this sign, this sign, this sign and this video, among others.

Not all the comments are anti-Semitic. Some people just hate; some specifically hate me; still others want me dead:

ill throw pain on you asswhole we have a right to do what were doin its called the first amendment … — brad97777

Tea party co-opted by big corporations — gottmedblandad


Fat bearded man needs to be taken out and shot. — Kennedy369

Fuck you Tony, you sell out liar c*nt. — wasy35

tony katz is a fat piece of shit — SUPERSTUD6000

Maybe Hillary Clinton will designate an “Open Hunting on Tony” day — like she did on the Libyan president. Let’s be ready. I’m getting the shooting iron oiled up now… — NibiruLives

If this is how OWS’s supporters behave online, I can’t help but wonder how these protests will end. What happened earlier this week in Oakland might be a clue.

Tony Katz is the host of the daily radio show “The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular” on the All Patriots Media Network. He’s also a Los Angeles tea party organizer and speaker. Find him on Twitter @tonykatz