Senator: ‘Forgotten 15’ may create jobs, unlike Obama’s ‘Canadian bus tour’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter

Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is demanding that the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate allow votes on “jobs” bills already passed by the House, dubbed the “Forgotten 15,” arguing that they might “actually work” — unlike President Obama’s “Canadian bus tour.”


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“I call on the Senate to start taking up these House bills. Let us have amendments, let us debate,” she said at the Capitol on Thursday. “Maybe we’ll fail, but maybe we’ll succeed. Maybe we will craft bills that can actually pass and do something.”

“The House has moved on 15 measures that will make a difference in our economy, create jobs in our country and it’s time for the Senate to put those on the floor,” Hutchison said. “Let us debate, let us amend and send some things to the president that might actually work rather than the Canadian bus tour.”

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